We use telemedicine technology and Canada licensed doctors to provide premature ejaculation treatments discreetly, conveniently, and inexpensively.

It starts with your online doctor visit. Your doctor needs to know about your health (e.g., your medications, lifestyle issues, prior surgeries) and how PE affects you. They also need to see a personal ID to confirm your identity and know who they will be helping. They review everything, determine if you’re a candidate for telemedicine, and, if so (most people are), they will craft a personalized treatment plan.

Their treatment plan will include a great deal of information about PE It is important you take the time to read it all. You will be better prepared to manage your condition as a partner—and not just a patient.

If you qualify, our doctors will provide a diagnosis, behavioral therapy tips, and prescribe the right course of treatment to help you last longer during sex.