True or False? 6 Myths about Skin Care

1. 80% percent of skin aging is caused by solar radiation.

True. Solar radiation is the factor that most accelerates the skin aging processes. There are also five other factors that contribute to skin aging:     environmental contamination     tobacco     high temperatures     bad diet    lack of sleep and stress

2. The best product to slow down skin aging is a good sunscreen.

True. The use of a sunscreen every day helps to slow down and prevent the appearance of the signs of aging. And it’s not just a matter of preventing skin aging – using sunscreen daily helps to minimize the risk of developing skin cancer.

3. Using sun protection will stop you getting a tan.

False. Sun protection helps to prevent the appearance of skin cancer. When we apply sunscreen, this does not stop us getting a tan, it stops us getting sunburn. Total protection, e.g “total sunblock”, does not exist: this would mean 100% photo-protection from solar radiation, and even if your sunscreen has a very high SPF, some solar radiation will still reach your skin. You should also bear in mind the amount of sun protection you apply, as if you don’t stick to the recommended amounts, you’ll be less well-protected. If you don’t reapply sunscreen during the day, the SPF protection your sunscreen initially offered will get lower and lower.

4. Your skin type remains the same throughout your life.

True. Our skin type stays with us throughout our life. However, the condition our skin is in changes over time and we have to care for it appropriately as it goes through different phases.

5. Using make-up on top of sunscreen prevents the sunscreen from working.

False. You can absolutely apply your regular makeup on top of sunscreen!

6. You don’t need to reapply sunscreen in winter.

False. You must re-apply sunscreen at all times of the year, especially if you’re one of the lightest skin phototypes. You should also take your daily activities into account, like working outdoors, or playing tennis in the afternoon. As a general rule, in winter applying mid-morning is sufficient enough to carry you through the afternoon, but remember that the re-applying step is an absolute must.