Surprising Ingredients in Your Skin Care Products



You may be smearing algae extract on your face and not even know it. There are more than 100 algae-derived ingredients used in cosmetics worldwide. They can be found in everything from facial scrubs to body creams.


The same thing that keeps sheep’s wool so lush and fluffy can keep your skin soft and moisturized. Lanolin is an oil created by sheep’s skin. People collect it after the wool has been sheared off.

    Plants like edelweiss and roses

You don’t need a green thumb to have great skin. But picking skin care products pumped with plant stem cells can’t hurt. Scientists have found that plant cells can boost skin renewal. That may result in fewer wrinkles, sun spots, and tiny blood vessels that you can see. Plant cells may even stimulate new collagen, which may tighten the skin


many anti-cellulite products contain caffeine with the claims that it can also tighten and tone skin because it dehydrates the skin by removing extra water. Dermatologists agree that users may see beauty benefits from caffeine, but they are only temporary  -- kind of like a cup of coffee.