Korean skincare


There are two types of cleansers that the Koreans use; one of them is an oil-based cleanser and the other one is a water-based cleanser. The oil-based cleanser is used to remove makeup as well as other impurities from the surface of the skin whereas the water-based cleanser removes the remaining residues that make it hard for the skin to exfoliate and enlarge the pores.


Koreans swear by clean skin. They never leave it there after using a cleanser, since cleansers only clean the surface level impurities. The next step is applying a suitable toner so as to clean out the skin pores more deeply. The toners that hydrate the skin, balance the pH of the skin, and moisturize it are the most popular products with Koreans.

Serums and ampoules

Generally, serums are known to be more viscous in texture than essences. Ampoules are more concentrated versions of the serums. Both of them are great for the skin and are being used by the Koreans regularly. These products can be used in any order, but generally, the thicker products are used later.


When it comes to sunscreen, for Koreans it is not optional, but essential. The other name of the sunscreen is sunblock. Before heading out of the house, the application of the sunscreen is mandatory. Sunscreen keeps the skin safe from the UV rays of the sun which can damage your skin.