5 reasons to use oil as your face moisturizer


The skin uses its own homemade oil to trap dirt and grime. When it’s not in balance, skin chaos can ensue on a spectrum that stems from clogged pores to fine lines and wrinkles to itchy, flaky skin. Using an oil to moisturize is the best way to gently balance the skin,  because it’s already accustomed to working with an oil and it helps to balance out the oils for the appearance of healthy, glowing skin. Purity


We’re into purity and Earth-based organic ingredients. An organic oil that has been sustainably sourced and processed safely is one of the purest ingredients. They’re full of the botanical benefits that come with the plant they’re sourced from, which are often very high in minerals and antioxidants!


Oils are great to infuse even more minerals into. They readily accept fat-soluble nutrients from anything they’re steeped in so when you’re using an infused oil in your skin care routine, you’re getting a protective moisturizer along with replenishing vital nourishment.

Use less

Finding the right balance with oils isn’t about using a lot or a little bit of oil, it’s about using the right one at the right times. A pea-sized amount rubbed into the palm of your hands and patting it into your face is all most people need for their daily moisturizer.


Just like oils help to preserve our skin, they help to preserve the seeds that they come from. A pure oil doesn’t need any added preservation for it to last a few years before going rancid, especially if you keep it in a cool, dark place (light and heat are catalysts and speed decomposition.) Using pure oils helps us keep the chemical preservatives out of our products!