5 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Rise to a challenge

It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical challenge, a mental challenge, or a personal one – working towards a goal gives you something to aspire to. Having a focus, even for a short amount of time, will help you channel your energy and help you feel accomplished when you get there. Once you’ve risen to the challenge, move on to the next. Make it a habit to give yourself something positive to work towards.

Cook at least once a day

No matter how great (or not so great) a cook you are, or how full your schedule is – cooking once a day is a healthy habit to get into. It’s a proven fact that those who cook at home have a healthier diet than those who do not – as demonstrated by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in a 2017 study. Eating outside the home, it found, was associated with a higher fat and saturated fat intake, increased sodium, and more calories. 

Take on one thing at a time

Instead of making your tasks a collection and tackling them all, go linear with the things you have to do, taking them on one after the other. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get things done this way.

Wear sunscreen every day

Wearing sunscreen is a preventive health measure, lowering your risk of skin cancer, protecting your skin from sun damage, and preventing premature skin aging. Again, this is common knowledge – but studies show that most of us aren’t wearing sunscreen. The American Journal of Dermatology conducted research which showed only 15% of men and 30% of women regularly use sunscreen on their face and other exposed skin when out in the sun for more than an hour.

 Let it go

Learning when to give things up or let things go is a liberating, healthy process. Both mentally and physically holding on to things can cause clutter – in your mind, and in your home, too!