Natural Ingredients to Help Your Chapped Lips


Sugar is a great natural ingredient for this job—just be sure you mix it with a moisturizing oil, like jojoba or olive, so it’s not too harsh. Remember that the lips are made up of thin, fragile skin, so the idea is to exfoliate gently. And remember to use organic sugar from a reputable source.

Papaya and Honey

Raw honey is a natural source of a mild hydroxy acid that exfoliates without being overly harsh. Papaya is a wonderful source of natural enzymes that help break down the icky buildup on lips, leaving them softer and more moisturized.

Natural Oils

You can use a natural oil directly on lips for moisturization, or try a penetrating combination of oils in our Herbal Facial Oil. Natural oils to try:       Coconut oil       Olive oil       Jojoba oil       Almond oil       Sunflower oil       Hemp seed oil       Apricot kernel oil       Avocado oil

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most potent natural anti-aging ingredients we have. Not only is it a powerful antioxidant, but it can also soothe and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Beetroot, Carrot Juice, or Pomegranate

Give your lips a break by adding color with natural ingredients instead. Beetroot, carrot, and pomegranate juice all work well—try each to see which one is best for you. Put some of the juice on a cotton swab and apply to lips at night—be careful, as it can stain other areas of skin as well. (For best results with pomegranate, crush the seeds to make the juice.) The next morning, you’ll have natural color on your lips that will last for hours.