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What is snail therapy and what are top 10 benefits of it in 2022


Mahlagha Homayouni


July 13, 2021


Snail Therapy, Strange and exciting therapies abound in the world of beauty”! Inventors’ inventiveness in the quest for beauty has no bounds, from vampire facials to employing costly caviar as a detox mask.

A snail facial is one of these mind-boggling treatments, which either intrigues or disgusts people.

Yes, it may seem “yucky” at first, but this process is gaining popularity among Korean beauty experts, and we’re here to explain why!

There are constantly fresh speculations concerning the ingredients in cosmetics and skincare products.

Perhaps you’ve heard that lipstick contains deadly lead levels or that mascara contains bat guano, both of which were shown to be inaccurate.

Snail mucus is currently being extracted and utilized in cosmetic products for a number of purposes, which may not seem pleasant, desired, or even plausible at first.

Do you imagine a slimy, sticky snail when you hear the words “snail mucin,” or do you immediately think of skincare?

In any case, you’d be correct. Snail mucin, also known as snail secretion filtrate, is a material generated by snails that are then utilized to make all of the beauty serums, essences, moisturizers, and creams you’ve seen on social media.

Snail slime, mucus produced by a gland on a snail’s foot, has become a popular ingredient in cosmetic ointments, masks, and treatments. “Cover your face with snail slime,” said the cosmetics website Into the Gloss in 2014. CNN and Bloomberg both called it a “craze” in 2017.

Continue reading to see how snail mucin gradually made its way into the cosmetics business.

Of course, there are exceptions. Squid ink is a delicacy in the culinary world. The ambergris excreted by sperm whales, which is prized for its irreproducible musk, is sought after by top perfumeries. Honey, which is simply bee vomit, is quite popular.

Another unusual example has evolved from a cult cosmetic procedure to a mainstream component of skin care regimens over the last decade, first gaining popularity in South Korea in the 2000s and then spreading around the world.

In many Asian countries, snail therapy is performed on the face to have beautiful skin. It is also one of the most popular skincare products in Korea, and most people have at least one snail-containing product in their routine. Now, we are here to introduce you to snail skincare benefits and products, so stay tuned!

Aloe vera, honey, hyaluronic acid, green tea, tea tree oil, and licorice root extract are just some of the special ingredients that are considered Korean skin products which are great and beneficial for our skin. Furthermore, as the snail crawls on the skin, it secretes mucus on the skin and acts as a mask.

Snail therapy helps repair proteins, hyaluronic acid, elastin, antimicrobials, peptides, glycolic acid, and antioxidants on the skin. Snail mucus was used in ancient Greece to help ailments in the body, such as indigestion or cough, as well as skin inflammation.

Snail skin care benefits


skin assessment

Benefits of snail therapy

As we have mentioned several times, the snail secretes mucus by moving on the skin, and this substance, due to its composition, has many properties and can show good effects on the skin. Among the effects that this mucus has on the skin, the following can be mentioned:

  • If your skin is damaged for any reason, using snail therapy can speed up the healing process and the skin damage will heal faster.
  • Inflammation of the skin is greatly reduced by using snail therapy.
  • If part of the skin is damaged by ultraviolet radiation, it will be treated and repaired completely with the help of snail therapy.
  • Snail therapy will also help to maintain the moisture and softness of the skin. The snail slime causes the molecules that are responsible for and retain water in the skin to grow, thus maintaining the softness of the skin.
  • Snail therapy enables the skin to resist infections.
  • Snail therapy is capable of performing mesothelioma or removing blemishes on the face.
  • Stains left by pimples or wounds on the skin will be easily removed with snail therapy with the highest quality, and you will see after a while that the skin is young and clear.
  • In addition to helping to rejuvenate the skin, snail therapy is also involved in increasing the clarity and radiance of the skin.
  • It is very helpful in improving the wrinkles that are seen on the skin.
  • Acne can be easily treated with snail therapy.

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Work steps

As the name implies, Snail facials involve allowing live snails to squirm around over your face. This is accomplished by cleaning the skin first, then applying toner and doing a brief massage with snail mucus products. Garden snails are used in traditional snail facials, and they are allowed to crawl over your face for a few minutes.

However, most commercial snail facials employ snail mucin-infused products and follow standard facial procedures. Keep in mind that no snails are harmed during the extraction of their slime, and the facial is likewise a fairly gentle procedure.

Chapter 1

History of snail skin care benefits and products

Snail therapy has flourished since 400 BC, during the time of Hippocrates. At that time, Hippocrates cut the snails into pieces and mixed them with sour milk. He then applied it as a poultice on wounds and damaged areas of the skin.

Snails usually have two main types of mucus: one that covers the surface and moves along it, and the other that protects the body. Cosmetic scientists believe that snail mucus has a high concentration of protein and other water-soluble polymers that shrink when dried and lift the skin. In addition to snails, egg whites also have this effect. This is one of the important reasons for using egg whites for the skin and it has been used for a long time as an anti-wrinkle cream.

Snail skin care benefits

Thousands of years ago, snail farmers in Chile noticed that the skin on their hands was extremely soft when they held snails in their hands! The hands of these farmers were not only softer and smoother but also any wounds and wrinkles on their hands were healed.

Snails were initially used as a topical remedy for inflammation in ancient Greece, and they made their way into creams and elixirs in South America when farmers transporting escargot to France discovered that their hands were younger and smoother. The style was quickly picked up by the beauty-conscious Korean market, and it made its way to the United States.

The slime or mucus created by these tiny mollusks to protect their exposed bottoms from wounds, germs, and UV rays includes a strong blend of elastin, proteins, anti-microbials, and copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, all of which are proven beauty boosters. Snail mucus is reported to be effective at fading dark spots and scars and plumping creases, and fighting acne. Ocean-cone snail poison (as opposed to garden species) paralyzes its victim and is considered to relax muscle fibers that contribute to wrinkle formation.

This led to the launch of the first line of skin care products containing snail mucus. This was later investigated by experts and they concluded that during radiotherapy, snails secrete another type of mucus that helps heal wounds. Since then, snail slime (Mucus) has been used as an effective treatment for radiation dermatitis, radiation burns, chemical burns, and slow wound healing.

What types of snails are used to treat skin problems?

In order to get a good idea of ​​the benefits of snail oil, we will go into the details and first introduce you the type of snails. Because snail oil products are used topically, certain types of snails are used in skin care products, some of the most popular of which are: Helix pomatia, a close relative of the garden snail, or (Petit-gris) is Helix aspersa.

The snail (Cosrx) is another species of great snail called the African giant snail (Achatina fulica). They are larger than other snails, with an outer shell about four inches in diameter. These snails are mostly bred in greenhouses because they need more care than others and their hygiene must be observed regularly. The benefits of giant African snail oil are well-known today.

What made people realize that they could use snails to rejuvenate their skin?

The answer to this question is entirely up to the snail! As you are aware, the snail has a shell, and when this shell is damaged, the snail secretes a substance and with the help of this substance, it can renew its shell. The mucus secreted by the snail contains various compounds such as antioxidants, coenzymes, enhancers, and anti-inflammatory substances, which can be used to dissolve damaged cells in the shell, and then new cells can be born.

Snail skin care benefits

The shell finds its previous shape. When the man saw that the snail would not get infected and problems like this with the help of this substance, the thought came to him to use the snail and the mucus it secretes to rejuvenate his skin!

Chapter 2

What Is Snail Mucin?

What Is Snail Mucin?

Snail slime, the mucus that oozes from a gland on a snail’s foot, has become a popular component in cosmetic ointments, masks, and treatments. In 2014, the cosmetics website Into the Gloss advised users to “cover your face in snail slime.” In 2017, CNN and Bloomberg both termed it a “craze.” Katie Holmes and Drew Barrymore are said to be admirers.

Simply put, it’s snail excrement, which is why it’s also known as snail secretion filtrate, or SSF, and appears on ingredient labels. Snail mucin is a naturally occurring substance that snails utilize to defend themselves.

According to Lain, this isn’t excrement that comes out every time the snail moves but rather a material that comes out when the snail is stressed.

What does snail mucin do for the skin?

It’s reported to include hyaluronic acid, allantoin, antioxidants, zinc, manganese, glycosaminoglycans, and growth factors, all of which are helpful for moisturizing, plumping, and calming the skin, as well as collagen formation.

Snail mucus has been used for moisturizing, anti-aging (including reducing wrinkles and skin texture), and wound-healing reasons, according to board-certified dermatologists

Chapter 2

Snail skin care benefits

Snail slime has a number of benefits for the skin, including repairing blemishes and smoothing wrinkles. This mucus helps to eliminate wrinkles and even acne. The reason for using this treatment compared to other treatments is that the snail viscous substance has the ability to produce elastin and collagen in the skin.

Cosmetologists believe that snail therapy is very popular in Japan, China, and the West. But even after the approval and popularity of snail skin care benefits are usually not accepted by many people, the reason for their discomfort was the crawling of these creatures. On the other hand, cosmetic creams and lotions containing viscous substances are used by people and are popular as well.

Snail kills acne!

One of the snail skin care benefits is for acne-prone people! Snails are a great and natural way to treat acne. If you have skin conditions like acne, as mentioned, snail mucus naturally has antimicrobial properties that help keep bacteria away. However, the glycolic acid in the snail slime helps prevent acne by exfoliating the skin (Thereby, snail kills dead skin cells and opens skin pores).

Snail mucus can also help keep skin hydrated – which in turn minimizes acne. This is due to the acidic hyaluronic compounds, in which water molecules are absorbed by the outer layer of the skin and keep the skin moist.

Snail slime is good for relieving inflammatory hyperpigmentation!

Snail mucus has another property that helps eliminate hyperpigmentation and is also great for treating acne scars and redness of the skin, but does not appear to be very effective in eliminating other types of hyperpigmentation (Such as skin blemishes or melasma). The snail slime contains many compounds (including proteins, peptides, and elastin) that help heal acne scars and speed healing.

Snail skin care benefits

Of course, as mentioned earlier, glycolic acid also helps to soften the skin, which kills dead skin cells and introduces new cells.

How Snail therapy works on the skin: The Snail leaves a substance called mucus when it moves. Mucus is rich in collagen, elastin, and other proteins that play a major role in the production and repair of skin cells. Meanwhile, the appearance of the skin depends on the amount of collagen, and elastin causes the skin to become elastic and resilient.

On the other hand, snail mucus contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which are very effective in reducing skin inflammation and damage caused by free radicals.

How to profit from snail skin care benefits

If you want to profit from snail skin care benefits you should probably either use snail itself on your skin or use snail-based skin care products.

How to use snails on the skin

For this purpose, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed and a few fresh snails that come out of the oyster placed on the skin of the face or neck or anywhere else on the body. The moving snails go on all the desired parts for about 35 minutes and produce a natural mask on the skin by producing a special gel that contains a special protein. By absorbing this gel through the skin, all kinds of wrinkles will be removed and it will restore your facial skin.

Experience has shown that with the movement of the snail, a person feels a slight electronic current on the surface of his or her skin. But after finishing the work and removing the snails, the skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Benefits of using live snails for skin:

When snail therapy is performed on cleansed skin, the secreted material combines with your skin cells and has the following effects:

  • The natural healing process stimulates skin damages.
  • Reduces skin inflammation.
  • Improves dullness, turbidity, and blemishes on the skin.
  • Increases skin cell renewal.
  • It dissolves damaged skin cells and creates new and healthy cells. In fact, snail collagen regenerates the skin.
  • Reduces pimples, skin wounds, and cracks in the skin.
  • With continuous use of live snails, the skin surface becomes clear and radiant
  • It repairs damaged skin cells with ultraviolet rays of sunlight.
  • Promotes the growth and development of carbohydrate molecules that retain water in the skin. As a result, it maintains skin moisture and softness.
  • Improves the skin’s ability to produce antimicrobials, thus fighting skin infections.

According to experts, people over the age of 30 can have this skin rejuvenation every six months and people over the age of 40 can do it every 4 months.

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Chapter 3

Snail skin care products

Still disgusted with the idea of ​​putting snails on your skin? If so, there is no need to worry, because the snail’s viscous substance is completely purified after snail left it behind! You will see the word “snail secretion filtrate” in the product composition list. After talking about snail skin care products, you are probably wondering what is the best snail cream? Below we have selected three of the best snail creams. But if you still hate snail creams, do not read the next part!

Snail regenerating gel cream

It is a light gel that is said to help hydrate and nourish the skin and increase skin repair by reducing pimples, dark spots and fine lines. This snail cream contains 74% of the purified secretion of the snail, and the same amount of high concentration of sodium hyaluronate, which is the salt form of hyaluronic acid.

The snail regenerating gel cream also contains plant and flower extracts, which include Gotu Kola extract, purslane extract, Camellia sinensis leaf extract (green tea), and marsh tulip extract (lotus), and so on. These extracts have unique properties that help hydrate, protect and regenerate the skin.

Chapter 4

Benefits of snail oil for skin

Collagen is one of the proteins by which the skin maintains its elasticity. The amount and quality of skin collagen makes your skin look good or sagging. The more collagen your skin has, the younger and more beautiful you will look. Collagen and elastin are proteins found in all human tissues.

These proteins are essential for maintaining the youthfulness and freshness of the skin as well as its elasticity. This amount of protein decreases with age and facial skin gradually loses its freshness and elasticity.

As mentioned, one of the snail oil skin care benefits is keeping the skin supple and firm. This miraculous oil has many properties, the following are some of the benefits of snail oil.

  • Treats skin inflammation
  • Treats dry skin
  • Treats acne and acne scars
  • Eliminates skin cracks
  • Treats black eye
  • Treats wrinkles around the eyes
  • Eliminates skin blemishes
  • Eliminates blackheads
  • Firms your skin
  • Treats skin infections
  • Uses as a skin emollient
  • Uses for having a glowing skin
  • Reduces skin redness
  • Repairs skin cells
  • Prevents and treats sunburn
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Removes dark skin
  • Heals wound
  • Eliminates postpartum cracks
  • Removes warts

How to use snail oil

Snail oil is a cosmetic that contains a viscous substance to build collagen in the skin. This sticky substance (slime) is the same substance used in cosmetics to treat various skin inflammations and pimples, skin allergies and other skin problems.

The skin care benefits of snail oil include softening, clarifying and reducing skin inflammation. If your skin reacts to natural and unnatural products, using snail oil can help you improve it.

You should clean your skin before using snail oil. Cleansing the skin causes the oil to combine with your skin cells and have various therapeutic effects on it.

Other skin care benefits of snail oil

Other skin care benefits of snail oil include its antimicrobial properties. This oil helps to eliminate your skin infections. In some cases, snail oil can repair damaged cells in your skin and regenerate its cells. It also removes cracks and pimples on your skin and makes your skin clear and radiant.

Snail oil can reduce dark circles around your eyes and eliminate wrinkles around it to a great extent. If you suffer from blackheads on your face, snail oil is an extremely effective medicine to get rid of these pimples.

Another benefit of snail oil is its firming properties. The proteins in this oil make your skin collagen and firm. You can also use this wonderful oil as sunscreen. Treating sunburn and preventing sunburn is another property of snail oil.

Treatment of skin problems with snails

To treat skin inflammation, just pour a few drops of snail oil on your skin and gently massage it to absorb it. This will make the inflammation of your skin go away easily. If you use snail cream to treat dry skin, it is best to massage a small amount of snail oil on the affected area in a circular motion. To treat pimples, some of this miraculous oil is enough to get the result you want. Pour a little oil on the cotton and put it on your pimples.

As mentioned, for skin cracks, snail oil can be the best treatment, for this purpose, carefully clean the area of ​​your skin cracks and then apply some oil on it. Repeat this at night before going to bed for two months. If you want to get rid of wrinkles around your eyes, one of the benefits of snail oil is to treat this problem.

Mix some snail oil with rosewater and gently dab the oil around your eyes before going to bed. Another benefit of snail oil is its effect on skin blemishes. To reduce blemishes on your skin, mix some snail oil with the same amount of sweet almond oil and massage your face with it regularly. This has a tremendous effect on reducing and eliminating blemishes on your face.

Do snails bite?

Snails have teeth that they use to eat, so yes, they can bite. However, snails usually do not bite humans. Because their jaws are not strong, they will not have much effect on the skin if they bite.

Is the snail poisonous?

Garden snails are usually not poisonous, and even eating them is not a problem. However, the sea cone snail has one of the most powerful toxins in nature. This toxin is designed to instantly paralyze fish and kill humans.

Snail reproduction

After learning about the snail skin care benefits it is good to know a little about how this small and efficient creature lives. A snail has both male and female limbs. But in order to reproduce, it must mate with another snail to fertilize its eggs. After the mating operation, it takes a month for them to wait for the baby snails to be born in a tunnel dug by themselves. Snail babies need two years to mature.

The biological distribution of this small creature varies depending on the climatic conditions, ie environmental pollution, dietary changes, and the existence of a place for them to live. Snails are able to fall into their own sleep for up to three years. There is an instinct in this little creature that makes it never lose its place of residence, and wherever it goes, this instinct guide it like an updated GPS.

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Chapter 5

Last word

As mentioned many times, snail skin care benefits are numerous and are very useful for deep rejuvenation and moisturizing of the skin. Although there are no documented side effects for snail therapy and snail oil, snail slime may cause allergic reactions in some people.

So, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to put the snail on the skin of the arm for a few minutes. If after an hour, no redness or irritation of the skin is observed, you can use this method for facial skin.

Besides, the minimum interval between two snail therapy should be 6 months and should not be done earlier than this, because it may damage the skin. For profiting from snail skin care products, the face should be first washed and after cleansing and drying, the snails (Alive or its product) are placed on the skin of the face. The snails move on the skin for about half an hour, creating a natural mask on the face with the mucus remaining from their movement. It should be noted that this mask provides a significant amount of skin protein.

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Are snail products good for skin?

“Snail slime has been shown to have antioxidant properties, as well as the ability to stimulate collagen production and enhance wound healing,” says Dr. Zeichner.

Is snail harmful for skin?

Snail slime (or its cosmetic name, snail filtrate) is packed with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which are commonly used in beauty products and proven to be beneficial for the skin.

Do they kill snails for snail cream?

What kinds of snails are used? Because snail mucin products are applied topically, only edible snails are used in skin care products. Popular edible snail species are the Roman snail (Helix pomatia), the common ingredient for escargot, and its close relative the garden snail or petit-gris (Helix aspersa).

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