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A complete guide to skincare products


Mahlagha Homayouni


March 15, 2019


Mahimo – Featured

A complete guide to skincare products

Mahimo — Featured

A complete guide to skincare and hair care products

Having healthy, healthy skin is one of the main concerns of many, especially women – even men!

Today, there are various ways to achieve this; unfortunately, although the market for hair and skincare products is hot and women are the main and full-fledged customers of these ingredients, most do not have enough information about these skincare products. The amount and method of use also require special information. We may be able to acquaint you somewhat with the necessary information in this regard. Stay with us.

Soaps and cleansers

Our skin is prone to damage over time due to oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Oxidative stress is simply the negative reaction of our bodies to destructive factors, some of which you will read below.

  • air pollution
  • cigarette smoke
  • Industrial chemicals
  • UV rays

The first step to skincare is to clean it. Every day we leave the house, we are exposed to a variety of contaminants. Air pollution, pollution caused by the use of cosmetics and natural skin oils. These infections can cause dryness, or open pores of the skin, as well as overtime and if the skin is not cleaned regularly, the skin is blurred.

The first and foremost thing we use to cleanse the skin is a detergent. An appropriate detergent for our skin type, which is the basis of our care.

The purpose of these compounds is to cleanse makeup, grease, and dirt from the surface of the skin, which is used to speed up skin cleansing.

Soap has been the main detergent for a long time, but today, detergents are used in place of soap because they maintain better skin moisture.

Some detergents are in the form of creams or emulsions that are more beneficial than soap and water but should not be used as a moisturizer. These compounds are recommended for cleaning water-resistant oily makeup. This combination is recommended for people with delicate skin. However, these materials should be washed with water.

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Unfortunately, using soaps that are not suitable for your skin can cause acne, itching, blackhead pores, etc., because with soap, it eliminates sebum, which is the fat needed by the face and The face becomes dry and wrinkled.

Recently, many dermatologists have recommended that you choose the soap according to your skin type and do not use any soap to wash your face. Nowadays, instead of soap, experts recommend the use of facial cleansers to cleanse the face of their patients due to their skin type and skin problems.

Facial toners and facial moisturizers

The purpose of these compounds is to remove greasy or residual soap, but they also have a soothing effect on the skin. In the case of alkaline detergents, the use of these compounds may be necessary.

If you take retinoids, these compounds make the skin red, inflamed and itchy. In this case, it is useful to use alcohol-free compounds.

But what exactly are facial toners? Some dermatologists suggest that you add a lot more effective toner to your makeup instead of using different skin masks such as facial masks for oily, dry, sensitive skin, etc. If you want to know the main purpose of using face toner, this product, for the sake of health, performs a cleansing of the skin so that the pores of the skin are free from any contamination or dust. Note that even a face wash with soap detergents, usually after being exposed to contaminated air, can not have a toner effect. Because soaps or detergents are not able to penetrate the pores of the skin.

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Most toners are made of water-based solutions and contain active ingredients such as herbal extracts or essential oils that vary depending on the type of toner for which the skin is designed. Most toners are watery, but gel and serum models are also available in stores. Facial toner is produced according to the types of facial skin and like other cosmetics, you should go for a type of toner that is suitable for your skin. The toner is not specific to any one and can be customized to suit any skin type. Everyone should include toner in their essential cosmetics list, but for the skin that always looks oily, toner should be included in the daily personal hygiene program to eliminate excessive and annoying skin fat.

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Benefits of using face toner:

  • Cleansing the pores of the skin
  • Transparent facial skin
  • Adjust the pH of the skin
  • Facial hydration
  • Closure of the pores of the skin

If you are concerned about toner causing your skin to dry out, look for non-alcohol products on the market. Of course, for oily skin, it has a good dryness with ingredients that naturally contain alcohol. In oily skin toners, alcohol is often used to keep the skin dry, in addition to its antibacterial and anti-acne properties. Having a small percentage of alcohol in cosmetics is not harmful to all skin types.

For various skin types, these ingredients are often used in toner:

  • Chamomile: Soothing for sensitive skin and relieves fatigue
  • Green Tea Oil: Antibacterial and Oily Suitable for Cleansing Oily and Boiling Skin
  • Aloe vera: Eliminate inflammation and redness of the skin suitable for sensitive skin
  • Vitamin E: Suitable for dry skin
  • Plant stem cells: Antioxidant and good for preventing skin aging
  • Rose: Suitable for dry skin

Some toners are used as a spray. They are suitable for use in the middle of the day, no matter whether they are applied on or on makeup! With these toners you will instantly have a shiny, refreshed skin that has just received moisture.


Moisturizers are oil-based substances that include coatings such as natural and herbal oils. These substances form a layer on the skin that prevents water from getting out. They also play an important role in reducing skin dryness and increasing its softness. Scientifically, humectant is a general term used for a variety of moisturizing compounds, including:

  • humectants
  • occlusive

But in the world of commerce and the world market, all the terms have changed. But In fact, moisturizer is one of the trademarks that different brands offer different definitions.

The most important factor in choosing a moisturizer is to determine the type of skin

Dry skin: No shine. The pores are hard to detect and they usually have lighter skin. In people with very dry skin, scaling and cracking can sometimes be seen.

Oily skin: This skin looks shiny, especially on the forehead, nose, chin, on the palate. Large skin pores visible These people are susceptible to acne at puberty.

Normal Skin: A condition between dry and oily. Neither shiny nor greasy to the touch. It looks damp. The pores are not large.

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Eye creams

The purpose is similar to the use of moisturizers. Of course, these compounds are much more expensive. Because the active ingredient of moisturizers for the eye area can be irritating. These compounds must be tolerated for the thin skin around the eyes and the amount of moisture required to use these compounds is a criterion.

According to beauty experts, you need to use a special cream to moisturize your eyes. The problems that may occur around the eye area, as well as the care of this area, are different from other facial skin areas because they are both more sensitive and thinner, more prone to dryness, and sooner wrinkle.

Sometimes, the intercellular fluid collects under the skin, causing puffiness around the eyes. For example, the blurring of the eye is one of the problems not seen in other parts of the face. Eye creams to relieve darkness around the eyes depend on genetics and heredity, and factors such as sunlight, age, and blood components may also be involved.

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One of the main goals of the eye cream, in addition to lightening these areas and also to eliminate wrinkles around the eye, is to deliver certain nutrients to the eye that are different in face creams and should be less dosed.

The thin skin around the eye is more sensitive than anywhere else in the human skin and can cause serious damage if regular face creams are used too much around the eye. Eye creams are specifically formulated to moisturize the surrounding area, which is why they are less expensive than other face creams. When looking for a good, well-rounded eye cream, the best option is odorless and anti-allergenic creams. Those with a lot of fragrance are not recommended around the eyes.

Some eye creams contain caffeine and temporarily tighten the skin around the eyes and give a faster effect on the face, but in general, the eye cream often contains ingredients used in face creams, only And their percentage is different.

When it comes to applying eye cream, it should be noted that there is no specific time frame and it is advisable to include skincare in any age. This means that if you are looking to use eye cream earlier, even when you are a teenager, it won’t hurt your eyes. However, look for creams that are only moisturizing at an early age, and the use of anti-wrinkle creams and eye drops is not recommended. Whatever your age, if you haven’t used eye cream before, don’t think about it late and buy a great eye cream.


Sunscreen is one of the essentials for skincare. We read and hear about sunscreen everywhere, but why really? What does sunscreen protect the skin from? No one wants to stay in the shade all summer and of course we need the sun. Sunlight helps our body build vitamin D we need.

But sunlight can be far more dangerous than it is useful to us. Ultraviolet or UV rays are sent in three waves. UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC waves do not pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, so we only need to be careful of UVA and UVB waves.

UVA waves are directly related to skin aging and are the main cause of skin aging. UVA affects the elasticity of the skin and causes wrinkles. Of course, other than wrinkles, other signs of skin aging, such as thickening of the skin, which gives a leathery appearance to the skin as well as brown spots. UVA waves also pass through the glass and penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB waves do. The UVA protector in sunscreen repels these waves and prevents skin aging and cancer.

The UVB waves in the sun’s rays cause the sun to burn and cause some skin cancer. A high SPF sunscreen can protect the skin from these rays and help us to get the most out of the sun without damaging our skin.

What is SPF?

SPF or “sun protection factor” is a measure of the length of time that factors in sunscreen protect the skin from sunlight. When and how much sunscreen you apply to your skin is important in protecting it. Assuming you have normal skin, after 5 minutes of exposure to the sun, your skin will burn in the sun. But if you cover your skin with a good layer of sunscreen, SPF 30 protects your skin for up to 2 hours. This is a limiting number because both the daylight intensity and the SPF of different products vary.

Skin peels

Sometimes we feel that the skin does not always have a lustrous and radiant complexion, and we have to remove the ugly and irritating layer of skin. In face peeling or facial peeling performed by face scrub, peeling masks or other methods, dead cells or contaminants are cleansed from the surface of the skin and into the pores and you are given a fresh and healthy skin. Is skin peeling good?

Skin peeling is a way of removing dead cells from the surface layer of the skin. In fact, during peeling by removing this skin layer, the facial skin becomes brighter. This process allows skincare products such as creams, serum, etc. to penetrate deeper into the skin and perform better.

If skin peeling is too common, what remains is red skin that gives off skin. Some people, seeing these skin symptoms, may think that the exfoliation is done properly and are seeing satisfactory exfoliation results! Or they might even think that more exfoliation will leave newer, clearer skin on their face! But this is a completely false belief. Seeing red skin and fine shells on it is a warning to you to stop peeling and go longer.

Skin peeling is done physically and mechanically with tools such as a special brush, facial cleanser, bath towel or even special scrub. This type of exfoliation removes dead skin cells by abrasion.

Venetian ceruse, which has been more popular in ancient times, is a type of scrub that helps cleanse the skin and remove dead cells. Whitening skin peeling is one of the inexpensive methods for facial peeling at home, and facial peeling is a more expensive device that falls into the category of non-chemical peels.

Another type of skin exfoliation is chemically performed, and the skin cells are removed from the surface of the skin by substances such as alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid used in exfoliating products. Facial peeling creams and peeling masks are commercial products for strong skin peeling at home. Choosing the best type for peeling, whether physically or chemically, depends on your preference and your skin type.

When to do facial peeling?

As a general rule, the less peeling, the better. The purpose of exfoliation is not to leave red spots or swollen and inflamed skin, but rather to speed up the natural process of skin replacement and ultimately keep your skin clear. The time interval between exfoliating your facial skin depends on your skin type.

Sensitive Skin: This type of skin should be exfoliated with a soft, warm, moist fiber. Mild chemical masks with a small percentage of active ingredients for sensitive skin are only allowed once or twice a week. The use of scrub and a strong facial peel for sensitive skin can irritate the skin layer and should be avoided.

Oily skin: If you have oily skin, you should know that your skin is more resistant to tools and products and you can use peels up to 3 times a week. You can use the face cleanser in the morning and the serum and peeling masks at night.

Common and complex skin: People with this type of skin are open-handed and can use any type of exfoliation method. Keep in mind that you will most likely use these peels 3 times a week.

Dry Skin: For dry skin exfoliation, it is advisable to choose non-chemical and herbal methods.

Face masks

Facial masks are a transitional system and patients usually use these products to tighten the skin, deep cleanse the skin pores and moisturize the skin. Using face masks is a good way to boost your skin with vitamins and nutrients.

In just 10 to 15 minutes, facial masks help your skin get the nutrients it needs and look radiant and refreshed. Anyone who cares about their skin’s health knows that the skin needs hydration; the facial mask can provide the skin with the moisture it needs. For this reason, men’s face masks, feminine face masks have been developed so that ladies and gentlemen with all skin types and skin problems can use face masks, from dry to oily skin and for welding to dark eyes and more.

Types of face masks

Different models of face masks generally fall into two categories. “Cream masks“, usually available in small glass jars, and after use, you should rinse your skin with water. The other is a mask. Popular masks are made from cotton, silk cloth, or special paper that is stained with my head. The mask is designed in the form of a face and will cover your entire face. Choose your favorite face mask from the cream mask and mask and put it on your weekly schedule.

Cream face mask

It is named after the creamy texture of this mask. There are many options to choose from in the world of face and body masks, from activated charcoal to antioxidant fruit mask and herbal water mask. The cream mask allows you to apply it exactly where you want it. You can apply an oily skin mask on the “T” area of ​​your face (forehead and nose) and apply a hydrating mask on cheeks and chin. This is one of the features of the cream mask that you can apply several different types of face masks at the same time or apply only one part of the face, such as an anti-aging mask that can only be used on a part of the face that has a pimple. Experts recommend a cream mask for the treatment of acne because it can only be applied to areas of boiling and the desired extent without affecting other areas of the skin.

Clay mask is one of the types of cream masks that have many benefits for oily skin. A clay mask can eliminate excess skin fat and shrink pores. This mask turns problematic skin into radiant skin. Some clay masks also have a cleansing effect, eliminating contamination, grease and sweating from the skin surface.

Collagen Face Mask

This mask is another type of face mask made of a paper-like layer of face. Collagen Face Mask usually covers all parts of the face except the eyes and nose and can provide the skin with the moisture it needs in the least amount of time. Most Collagen Face Masks take between 10 and 15 minutes, and you just have to unpack them and put them on your face.

After a few minutes, remove the mask from your face and enjoy seeing your glowing skin in the mirror! The Collagen Face Mask is disposable and you do not need to wash your face with water after using it; just gently massage the facial skin to absorb the remaining material.

Collagen Face Mask is the best way to take care of skin during the trip. You can easily carry a few masks in your bag into your plane, car, and train, or even carry them in your luggage for your next trip. Since Collagen Face Masks are small and have a great effect as a moisturizer, they are the best option for having a good skin on road trips and long journeys as well as at home and for Everyday use is incense. Carefully read the Collagen Face Masks on the packaging to find out what skin they are suitable for and what they have for different skin types (such as hydrating mask, moisturizing mask, exfoliating mask, soothing mask, anti-wrinkle mask, emollient mask, mask Facelift, etc.).

Anti-cellulite creams

Cellulite is not a medical problem but a harmless disease in which subcutaneous fats cause the skin to appear dull, rough or resembling orange peel.

For many people, the idea of ​​trying to reduce cellulite using non-prescription creams is an attractive option. Cellulite is divided into three categories: mild, moderate, and severe, depending on the degree of recess or hollowness of the skin.

Anti-cellulite creams are one of the most commonly used methods to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The supposed effect of these worms is through the active ingredients in them:

– Methylxanthines: The most common compounds used in cellulite creams are caffeine, aminophylline, and theophylline. Caffeine will increase metabolism. Aminophylline and theophylline are muscle relaxants that increase the smoothness and smoothness of the skin and eliminate the accumulation of fats.

– Retinol: A derivative of vitamin A that increases blood flow to the skin and increases its resistance and thickness. Butane Derivatives: The presence of these substances in cellulite creams reduces the process of fat formation, helps break down fats and reduce inflammation.


Anti-wrinkle is a product that delays the aging process of the skin. The anti-wrinkle compounds strengthen the cells and help produce collagen, which is the skin’s primary need for youth and vitality.

The first step in choosing the right anti-wrinkle is to know exactly the type of skin and its condition. The second step is to consider the age and the third step is skin appearance. Some at age twenty-five may have wrinkles as much as a thirty-year-old. These people need to choose a strong anti-wrinkle and along with it change their behavioral habits. The effect of anti-wrinkle products does not depend on how much they are used; rather, it is important to choose the right product and continue to use it. It is said that the best time to use anti-wrinkles is in your twenties.

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