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Questions to ask before purchasing skin care set


Mahlagha Homayouni


August 24, 2020


Questions to ask before purchasing skincare set


There are many questions to ask before purchasing the skincare set. You need to think carefully about various aspects when you are trying to build a perfect skincare routine for your face skin because it’s your face skin.

It’s unique and fragile. If you don’t treat your skin well with proper skincare set, some damages could occur. There are some immediate damages like redness and pimples, and there are also some long term damages like dark spots.

So what questions should be asked before purchasing skincare set to avoid these damages?

There are some questions about skincare products themselves. Their ingredients, using chemicals and/or animal-derived ingredients in their formula, and questions like these are more related to brands, which should be asked before purchasing skincare set.

There are also general questions that you should think about before buying any skincare set. In this article, you can find these questions and their answers.

skin care set

Can you find all ingredients on the product’s labels

There are some legal differences in various countries about this. For example in the USA, companies aren’t required to reveal every ingredient on their label. They need to list just key ingredients and not all ingredients used in the product.

These companies often leave out some of the questionable ingredients like preservatives and emulsifiers. The situation is different in Canada and some other countries. There you can find all ingredients used in any skincare set.

Some companies or brands advertise as being natural or organic don’t list material and ingredients that make up less than 1% of the product. Some might say 1% is nothing, but when that 1% is a potential allergen you should know about before rubbing it on your skin.

So make sure that you know all the actual and potential effects of your desired skincare set. You use them in a daily routine and you should know it’s harmless for your skin.

Can you find all ingredients on the product’s labels

product preservative-free

Nowadays claims about being “free-from” are very popular. Many people have been lead to believe that products containing preservatives are not safe. This is not true at all. If a product contains any water containing ingredients like water, aloe, or honey, it must have a preservative to be safe.

Water quickly breeds bacteria and mold. So if a preservative is not listed here can be two reasons. The first is that the product isn’t safe. The second reason can be that some of the ingredients before being mixed into the final product are preserved. This means these preservatives are not listed.

If you are not sure about preservative ingredients in your skincare set, just call the company and ask.

Does it claim to be Chemical-free

This advertising phrase became so popular in recent decades. But to be honest, everything is chemical. By everything, we mean water, air, and even your body cells are chemical. There are toxic chemicals that can harm your health, but also there are other helpful chemicals.

So this advertising claim that the product is chemical-free is a very false phrase. Chemicals are present in any skincare set. And this does not mean they are necessarily harmful.

Does the brand explain the benefits of ingredients

There are many trendy ingredients in the market. Many skincare brands put ingredients into products because these ingredients are trendy. In these cases, ingredients are not formulated in a way that can be helpful for skin.

If an ingredient has a certain benefit for the skin, it can explain it clearly. They should explain the reasons why they put these ingredients in the formula, and what benefits and effects they have for skin.

Can you see the word “fragrance” on the label

To make up a single fragrance ingredient, up to 1000 constituents are required. These ingredients are mostly synthetic, and many of them are known as allergens, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens. Fragrances are the number 1 causes of skin irritations and allergic reactions.

Synthetics are present in fragrance, even natural fragrance contains synthetics.

Essential oils and other natural essences like CO2 extracts are the only true natural fragrances. Fragrance blends are considered trade secrets and companies are not required to disclose them on the product labels.

Can you see the word "fragrance" on the label

Is a celebrity behind the brand

Many skincare sets are advertised by celebrities. They own or endorse skincare set products without explaining their formula and ingredients. Ingredient selection for a skincare product is somehow more complicated than putting on-trend ingredients in a product. Celebrities often trust chemists to handle these problems and to make the right decisions. If you care about your skin quality, you should avoid celebrity skincare set lines because even cleaner and greener celebrity products have had public quality issues.

How to choose the right products for my skin type

The skin type is the most important factor in determining what skincare set is suitable for you. Some professionals even think there are no bad skincare products necessarily, but sometimes people use the wrong product for their type of skin.

If you have oily skin, look for products with alpha-hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients help in control excess sebum production and hyaluronic acid will produce hydration only in needed areas.

If you have dry skin, look for products with lactic acid and shea butter. These ingredients provide hydration and exfoliation to help dry skin looking radiant.

If you have sensitive skin, look for products with aloe vera, oatmeal, and shea butter. They are great moisturizers and usually don’t break anyone out.

If you are not sure what is your skin type, it worth a visit to the dermatologist to confirm. When you know what your skin type is, you can start selecting skincare set with more precision.

How to choose the right products for my skin type

How long it takes to know the effectiveness of a skincare set

It longs approximately 30 days for the skin to renew itself completely. So to know a skincare set working or not, you need at least one month. Some products target the lower layers of skin, to know their effectiveness needs 2-3 months.

These products include anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation, and also purifying products for acne. So if you are using a sample for 2-3 days, it can not transform your skin. After using skincare set for only 2-3 days you can see if you are not allergic to it, and whether you like its scent and texture or not.skin care set

Should I change my skincare set after using it for a while

Some people believe using a skincare product for a while reduces its effectiveness because the skin gets used to it. The problem here is that we can’t understand “a while” means how long? To be honest, there is no reason to change a face cream after finishing a tube or jar.

If it does not suit your skin because your skin is redder, tighter, or oilier than usual, then it’s important to change it. You should carefully listen to your skin. You should stop using a product that harms your skin.

You should take serious your skin’s feedback on a certain product, and if your skin responds negatively you should stop using that skin care set. They are expensive, for sure, but who wants her face to be ruined because the product does not suit her skin?

What are the most essential products in a skincare set

It’s not so much affordable to have very complete skincare set with 10 or more different products. These products, on the one hand, are expensive and you can not purchase them whenever you like, and on the other hand, they are not required. But to maintain healthy skin some products are essential.

So here we suggest 4 skincare products which help your skin being hydrated and protected:

– A toner or a spray of thermal water

– A gentle cleanser 

– An eye contour

– A moisturizer

With these products, there would be a good base and the beauty of the skin would be preserved. Of course, if the skin needs more specific treats, for example in damaged skin, one will have to add more products.skin care set

What are the most essential products in skin care set

Which cleanser should be used to clean the skin effectively

To be honest, it’s only a matter of personal preference. There are many products to clean the face: cleansing milks, foaming gels, oils, cleansing creams, and balms, to name a few. The only thing you should consider carefully is to make sure the product is gentle enough for your skin. Don’t use soap, alcohol, or micro-exfoliating grains daily.

It should be noted that removing makeup and cleansing the skin is 2 different things. To remove makeup one will need an oil-based product such as cleansing balms or cleansing oils. And when that is done, one can start cleaning her skin.

Rinsing the cleanser with water, or not

If you don’t want to keep cleansing ingredients on your skin throughout the day, always rinse your cleanser. We recommend after rinsing your cleanser with water, rinse your cleanser again with a toner or thermal water spray.

It is helpful to avoid traces of calcium from tap water which can be aggressive and dull your skin. And even if you clean your face with a product without rinsing, still rinse it with a toner or thermal water spray and absorb any excess with a tissue.

What are the most essential products in skin care set

What is the difference between day cream and night cream

A day cream and a cream don’t have the same goals. A day cream can hydrate and protect the skin against external aggressions such as cold, wind, and sunlight. And it should be noted that all skin types need hydration.skin care set

A night cream is helpful to treat the skin, and also boost the regeneration of the skin. Because the skin is at rest at night, using overnight treatment is more effective. So if you should use anti-redness, anti-acne, or even an anti-aging cream, the best time to apply it is before going to bed. This way the results would be much better.

The skin renews itself faster when we are in sleep. As we grow older, this regeneration will be less effective and slower. So after the age of 25-30 years old, it is much recommended to use a regenerating night cream to help the skin maintain its beautiful appearance.

Why an eye contour product is essential

The eye contour is a sensitive area where the skin is more fragile and thinner. This area is also one of the most used areas of the face. So the eye contour ages faster. Using an eye contour product helps to slow the aging process. So the best age to start using an eye contour is around 20 years old. At this time even a basic moisturizer will greatly work. And it should be noted that here the goal is to prevent them because they do not exist yet.

Can face oil replace moisturizer

If you have dry or dehydrated skin then face oil is a great add-on to your skincare set routine. You can use plant-based oils to lock hydration into the skin. It’s better to take time to massage it into your face to boost circulation. Using a moisturizer will often boast more ingredients. So you can use both, a layer of oil on top of the cream, or even mix them.

Do I need a face serum

If you are 30-35 years onward, you need a face serum. After this age, a face cream is not enough to effectively treat the skin. A face serum contains more active ingredients than a face cream, which can treat skin far deeper

A face serum basically will work in the lower layers of the skin. The face cream is, on the contrary, more likely to remain on the surface. This is because of the different formulation. So a face serum contains more penetrating and smaller ingredients than a cream.

That’s the reason why a face serum should be used under a cream, and never alone on its own. Because unlike face creams, face serum does not protect the skin.

Does expensive skincare set guarantee an effective skincare routine

Great products have great prices. But to be honest, it’s highly variable. For example, a face serum contains more active ingredients than other skincare products and it’s usually more expensive than them. So it’s the product that will be the most effective within your skincare set, so it’s worth the investment.

There are many great cleansers and face creams in drugstores or pharmacies, so you won’t need to pay a lot for them.

Expensive skincare products don’t guarantee great results. Before spending all your money on an overpriced product check good reviews on the internet and also have a look at ingredients.

Does expensive skincare set guarantee an effective skincare routine

Should I buy skincare set into the hype

If you are going to buy a skincare product based on a friend or influencer’s recommendation, you should not just look at how good their skin looks now, but also what type of skin they have. Many popular products can bring harm to your skin.

Just because a product gets the popular vote does not mean that it’s popular for the right reasons, or it’s the right product for you. The best way to go is still checking the ingredients, no matter how much positive reviews and stars the product has online.

Does natural always mean better

Some brands claim they use natural ingredients in their products. But it is not the safest route to take. For example, poison ivy is a natural oil, but it’s not something you would want to rub over your skin.

There are many patients with reactions to natural essential oils, so it’s one of those things where everyone is unique and you need to do what is best just for yourself uniquely.

There are some terms like natural and organic which you can see on product labels. Sometimes these terms are more marketing tricks than anything else. Because these terms are not defined and regulated clearly and their art not specific industry standards for them, they can offer empty promises.

And there are many cases in which a product is labeled as natural about only one of the ingredients in the list.

How to check the ingredients list

You should check the ingredients list to see which useful or harmful ingredients are put in the product. This could be a hard task to check a long list for some unfamiliar names. To avoid this hard task, professionals recommend looking at the first five ingredients, since that will often account for about 80 percent of the product’s formula.

Ingredients will be listed in order of highest to lowest concentration, so if you find a problematic ingredient among the first five listed, you need to avoid that product. If you are checking a product for specific ingredients and those ingredients are listed in the end, then that product does not worth your money.

Because it has a small percentage of the overall product, you won’t experience the benefits of ingredients at the end of the list.

Does expensive skincare set guarantee an effective skincare routine

Should I try a patch test

A patch test is a smart practice in the process of product elimination. It’s time to take advantage of tester products. A patch test helps you to determine if a product or its ingredients will cause allergic reactions in you, clog your pores, or irritate your skin. If it is making your skin worse or irritating your skin, stop using it, it’s not the right product for you.skin care set

At first testing, all ingredients before committing to them take a little more time, but in the end, it can save your money and grief.

Should I try a patch test

Last words

There are many questions to ask before purchasing a skincare set. Some of these questions are personal like the buyer’s skin type and/or allergies to some ingredients. These questions should be answered to make sure what products are suitable for a certain skin type.

After this, you should ask questions about a given skincare set ingredients. Ingredients are material-chemical elements which are put in a certain product. As you know any product’s benefits correspond to its ingredients.

In checking ingredients you should try to understand the most functional ingredients used in the product. For this, you can check 5 upper ingredients listed on the label.skin care set

To find proper skincare sets you need to listen carefully to your skin. As you know your skin responds pretty well to ingredients you rub all over it. To find a proper skincare product for your skin, you need to know your skin type and its unique features.

There is no universal formula for skincare products to work for all types of skin and all people. Before purchasing a skin care set, try a patch test. This way you can find if your skin is allergic to any ingredient put in the product or not. Please remember that the most expensive prices are not a guarantee of effectiveness, not especially in purchasing skin care set.