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Skin Care Set – how to find a suitable one for your own skin type


Mahlagha Homayouni


September 15, 2020


Skin Care Set – how to find a suitable one for your own skin type


Skin care set is a package of skin care products that one can use them for her skin’s various needs and concerns. As you might know, great skin is not just a matter of genetics, but your daily habits have a great effect on your skin.

There are many different products and skin care sets in the market that you can choose from, and there is a confusing number of opinions about their effects and functions, which make it hard to find and buy the best proper product for your skin. After all, you should remember that caring for your skin is personal.Skin Care Set – how to find a suitable one for your own skin type

In this article, we take a look at what skin care set is and how you can find suitable products for your own skins’ type and features. We will introduce different parts of a skin care set and tell you what benefits these products can bring to your skin.

After introducing different products that are put in a skin care set, we try to introduce the best products for various skins. So, if you want to change or break your current skin care routine, you can simply follow this article to find the best products that are suitable for your skin.

Main products in any skin care set

Three skin care products are used for any skin care routine. These products are simply as follows:

– Cleansing products: to wash and cleanse your skin

– Toning products: to balance your skin

– Moisturizing products: to hydrate and softening your skin

Any effective skin care routine will be made of these three parts. By regular daily usage of these products and caring for your skin, you can reach to a bright clear skin after a while. The main goal of any skin care product is to boost your skin functioning to its best condition.

They are also helpful to target any area of your skin that needs special care. What is great about using a regular skin care routine is that by using them, you can notice the various change, needs, and requirements of your skin, so these routines help you to understand where are you and how you can bring yourself to a good condition.Skin Care Set – how to find a suitable one for your own skin type

But it should be noted that these routines are not about perfection, and one should use them as daily regular routines to save her skin from various daily damages and problems. Without a proper skin care set or skin care kit you can not expect your skin to be at its best condition.

1. Cleansing products in skin care set

Cleansing products help you to clear and wash your facial skin. Washing is the most basic step of any skin care routine. There are many environmental pollutants that our skin absorbs and should be washed to reduce their negative effects. Any skin care routine should contain at least two washing daily, one in the morning and one in the night. This especially helps you to avoid acne, dullness, and clogged pores.

Which Cleanser is suitable for your skin?

There are healthy essential oils in your skin, and the right cleanser washes your face skin without stripping these oils. By using proper exfoliating scrubs weekly, you can make cleansing your face skin very easy. In the following table, you can find a proper cleansing product for your skin type. Various skin care sets are made regarding different types of needs and functions.

Main products in any skin care set


Skin Type
Cleanser Type
Dry – Red
Emollients such as shea butter and glycerin are used in these cleansers, which wash all impurieties while also hydrating skin
Oily – Acne-prone
Foaming Liquid
These cleansers should be activated with water or pumped into your palm, and then it turns into airy foam that helps to wash dirts from your skin.
You might think using oil to wash your face won’t work, but actually, it works. Many skin cleansers use Argan or other essential oils as their primary washing ingredient.
Melting Balm
This butter-like cleanser when rubbed onto your skin melts into a liquid. To dissolve heavy makeups these could be used without water and rinsing.
Any Skin Type
Micellar Water
These cleansers are soap-free; instead, they contain molecules that attract impurities like a magnet without causing any dryness. They are suitable for every skin type and unlike other cleansers, they don’t need to rinse off.

By checking this table you can find your skin type’s suitable cleanser. As you can see there are various types of cleansers that are designed to meet various skin needs and requirements. Remember you should use cleansers twice: in the morning and night.

2. Toning Products in Skin Care Set

After cleansing your face, you should use toners before putting any other thing on your face. To use a toner in the traditional application method, you should saturate a cotton pad and rub it over your face. But by using toner this way, you will end up losing a lot of product. Alternatively, you can apply toner on your face skin with clean hands, which is the most efficient way to use these products. Just like cleansers, you should use most of these products twice a day, but there are also other formulas exfoliating acids that should be used only at night.

Toners could be considered just as supplements, which bring your skin effective nutrients and ingredients and help your skin to absorb other products better while balancing your complexion. Experts believe that it’s a great way to add specific ingredients that are not present in a certain skin care routine. Toners are an important part of any skin care set or skin care kit.

Many helpful and effective ingredients are put in toning products. At the following list,

you can find the best ingredients used in these products and find for what they affect your skin:

– Hyaluronic Acid: boost your skin hydration, seals in dewiness, and plumb skin to treat fine lines.

– Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids: gently removes dead skin cells, improves sun-damaged skin, and minimizes dullness.

– Vitamin E and C: reduces the negative effects of free radicals that can age your skin.

– Rose Water and Green Tea: its anti-inflammatory effects help your skin to calm irritation and also reduce redness.

3. Moisturizer Products in Skin Care Set

Moisturizers are helpful products with the basic function of hydrating and soften the skin. They are very useful in preventing water loss through the outer layers of skin. A moisturizer contains protective oils that could be naturally found in the skin, so it helps your skin to have and maintain its natural protective oils.

Moisturizer is a popular product that most experts and doctors recommend using it for all skin types.

This is especially recommended for those who are above 25. The ability to retain moisture in the skin will be reduced as we age, and activities like washing can strip natural hydrators from the skin surface.

Which Moisturizer is suitable for your skin?

As we mentioned above, every skin needs moisturizer, but depending on your skin type, its structure would be different. So finding the right suitable moisturizer for your skin could not be done without attention to its type and features.

In the following table, you can find which moisturizer is more suitable for your skin. Various moisturizers are made for various types of skins.

Skin Type
Moisturizer Type
A classic moisturizer which feels more moisturizing than gel products but absorbs well
Gel Moisturizer
This fast-absorbing product is the mostly water-based option which makes it very lightweight
This one is very oily and is heavier than a lotion
Its texture is heavier than a cream and is very suitable for extremely dry skin types

What Is The Difference Between a Day and Night Cream

The main goal of day creams is to protect your skin from various environmental damages you will confront when leaving home. Many day creams contain antioxidants to reduce free radicals and sunscreen to reduce UV radiation impacts on your skin.

Day creams have a lightweight consistency which makes their usage easier. There are many protective ingredients in their formula that can help your skin to remain clear and bright.

The main goal of night creams, on the other hand, is to repair any damage on your skin with various sources and also to treat dark spots. These products are rich in various repairing ingredients and generally tend to have a heavyweight consistency which remains on your face for longer hours. That’s why night creams are typically more expensive and also have a thicker body than day creams.

Night creams are very important products in any skin care set. Without them, you can not use all benefits of skin care routines which are especially rich in various repairing ingredients. These ingredients will absorb to your skin at the long hours of nights and will help it to gain its proper function and suitable condition.

Day and Night Cream

Serums in skin care set

Serums contain concentrated doses of active ingredients that are very useful to treat several issues like dark spots and wrinkles. But even if you don’t have any skin problem, you need an antioxidant serum in the morning to protect your skin from daily various aggressors.

There are many use cases for various serums with active ingredients, but some of the most useful ingredients you can find in these products are as the following:

– Vitamin C: with regular use decreases dark spots and helps brighten dull skin

– Hyaluronic Acid: strengths the top layer of your skin to prevent moisture loss and seals in hydration

– Vitamin B3, Retinol, Peptides: these ingredients will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which help to prevent skin sagging and lines.

– Niacinamide, Collodial sulfur decreases inflammation which helps to reduce redness and irritation, also with its antimicrobial effects helps to improve acne.

Serums in skin care set

Sunscreen in skin care set

The last skin care product used in skin care sets is sunscreen. Many experts believe sunscreens are the most important products of any skin care routine. They recommend daily usage of sunscreen to prevent various issues such as the development of wrinkles and fine lines, textural imperfections, and to normalize the appearance of pores over time. Sunscreens are also very helpful to prevent the formation of some skin cancers.

You should use a sunscreen with the SPF of at least 30, to prevent daily damages of exposure to sunlight. This skin care product is really necessary for your daily skin care routine and you can not use something else alternatively. That’s why when you are buying a skin care set; you should check its sunscreen to be suitable for your skin needs. The sunscreen is the last part of a skin care set and with great importance.

Sunscreen in skin care set

Importance of Right Order of skin care products

Now that we are familiar with various products in a skin care set, we should take a look at their order of usage. It is obvious that you should not use sunscreen at night, but is it obvious too that you should use Vitamin C after retinol or before it?

The order is very important because if you don’t use them in the correct order, you can run to the following problems:

– Ingredients might not absorb well: for example when you use a water-based product over a tick layer oily cream, it would not work well.

The reason is that these oily products will form a barrier on the skin that prevents any other ingredient from getting through.

– Becoming Less Effective: when some ingredients can not absorb the skin, obviously they can not be effective in treating its problems. After more, when certain products with active ingredients are meant to be applied away from each other, using them together can deactivate them. This can even create an unwanted chemical reaction.

– Harm the skin: using skin care set products out of order could even create new skin problems. For example, if you use serums over an oily layer a night cream, it can leave your skin dehydrated and dry, because enough water will not reach your skin. Or if you mix night cream with sunscreen, you will be disturbing the protection and at last, you would be more vulnerable to premature aging and certain skin cancers.

Importance of Right Order of skin care products

Rules of skin care layering

Various skin care products have different weights and textures. There are general rules that you can keep in mind when determining what product should be used over others. These rules are as the following:

– Water-based before Oil-based: as you know oil and water don’t mix, and water can’t pass from oil to penetrate the skin. That’s why water-based products must be applied first. After this, you should take the time to work and absorb in the skin. And then, you can apply oil-based products on top.

– From Thinnest to Thickest: you should move from light to heavy. This rule means that you should start with the most watery products such as serums, toners, and essences. Then use heavier products with more moisturizing such as lotions, creams, and oils. After all, you should use sunscreen which is the thickest product in your skin care set.

– Lowest pH to highest pH: you might use products with active ingredients. Active ingredients contain various pH levels, and the rule to use them is going from lowest to highest pH. That means you should use first acidic products and then using more neutral products.

– Don’t mix products with various pH levels: products with active ingredients, as discussed above, contain various levels of pH. If you want to mix various skin care products, you should note their pH levels. If there is a gap between their pH levels, we recommend don’t mix these products.

You should use these products at different times of the day or after at least a 30 minutes interval.

Using of Skin Care Products in the Morning

If you are not sure which products should be used first in the morning, you can find their order in the following. First of all, you should wash your face to remove oils and residues on your skin which are left from last night. That’s why cleansers are the best option to start your daily skin care routine with them.

The correct order of skin care set products in the morning is as the following:

– Cleanser

– Physical Exfoliant

– Toner

– Chemical Exfoliant

– Eye Cream

– Treatment Serum

– Hydrating Serum/ Essence

– Moisturizer

– Face oil

– Physical Sunscreen

As you can this order is from the lightest products to heavier ones. A regular daily skin care routine should be done according to this order in the morning. After physical sunscreen, you can put your makeup. These steps are required for preparing your skin and they are all about skin care routine.

Order of Skin Care Products in the Night

There are more steps in the night for a skin care routine. Here you need a makeup remover, which is a special cleanser. After that, you must try a cleanser to wash your face from remained ingredients and oils. The next step is to use a physical exfoliant that is the last part of making your face skin ready to receive any skin care treatment.

Skin care routine steps in the night should be as the following:

– Makeup Remover

– Cleanser

– Physical Exfoliant

– Toner

– Chemical Exfoliant

– Eye Cream

– Patch or Acne Spot Treatment

– Treatment Serum

– Retinoid

– The essence or Hydrating Serum

– Moisturizer

– Face Oil

– Lip Balm

As you can see these products are listed from watery one to the oily products. The night skin care routine’s main goal is to treat the skin. As you might know, skin care set products for the night are thickest than the morning ones. This order helps your skin be prepared to absorb better active ingredients from your skin care products. These ingredients will remain on your skin in the long hours of the night, and they offer deep treatment and beauty effects on your skin. There are more skin care steps that you should do in the night.Skin Care Set – how to find a suitable one for your own skin type

Last Words

A skin care set is a package of various skin products to bring helpful and effective ingredients to the skin. These products are in different forms and each one of them has its effects and also its own time and use case.

In a very general categorization, we can divide these products to Cleansers, Toners, and Moisturizers, but there are also Serums, face masks, Sunscreens, and other helpful products in skin care sets.

Cleansers are effective products by which you can wash your face without decreasing its oils. These products help you to remove various ingredients that are remained from previous makeups and bring your skin to a clear condition.

Toners help to balance your skin. They should be used to bring various helpful ingredients to your skin. There are also many forms of moisturizers that are helpful for various skin types. These products can be sorted from the lightweight ones to heavier ones.

The lightweight moisturizers are more useful for young skins, and the heavier ones have to treat features for mature skins. There are also other products in a skin care set like serums or sunscreens.

Serums are one of the most powerful allies of your skin because they contain many active ingredients that are very effective on your skin. Sunscreens are also skin care products with a great protective effect on the skin. These products help your skin to fight harmful radiations of the sunlight.


How do I know what skin type I have?

Gently pat a blotting paper on the different areas of your face. Hold the sheet up to the light to determine how much oil is visible. If the sheet picked up little to no oil, you most likely have dry skin. If the blotting sheet reveals oil from the forehead and nose areas, your skin is normal/combination.

What skin care products should I be using?

Face wash, serum and moisturizer with sunscreen. According to dermatologist Amie Sessa, you should use a gentle cleanser and avoid using too-hot water (which can be harsh on your face). Campbell's favorite cleansers are Cetaphil Gentle, CeraVe Hydrating or Skinceuticals Gentle Cleanser.

Is it better to have dry or oily skin?

But oily skin does have a plus: It wards off wrinkles better than dry skin because the oils keep skin moister and smoother. Using moisturizer is one way to lessen the impact of wrinkles before they appear. If you have oily skin, you can keep your skin clear and less wrinkled with hypoallergenic moisturizers.