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Routine At Home Skin Care Tips and Tricks


Mahlagha Homayouni


December 15, 2020



Routine At Home Skin Care Tips and Tricks: Day to day events can damage our skin. When you have long exposure to various environmental situations, you might develop various kinds of diseases relating to those conditions. Various types of skin damages such as rash, eczema, red spots, acne, blackheads, and different types of burns and scars are all among diverse types of daily skin damages.

Home skincare routines are designed to reduce these damages and help practicers to use the benefits of various ingredients to recover their skin functionality to a normal level. It should be noted that several types of skin care routines could be used for various conditions.

Some types of skin care routines are designed to heal a certain skin disease while some of them have general uses. Skin care products include a large group of products that are designed to support our skin’s health. These products vary from simple daily moisturizers to professional serums for certain damages.

In the following article, we will introduce important topics that should be noticed about skin care routines. Reading this article to end, you will have an idea about what is skin care and how to start it in your home to help your skin be clear, glowing, and healthy.

Home skin care


What is Home skin care?

Skin care includes activities that people undergo to help their skin recover from diverse types of environmental effects and damages. Practicers use various types of products in their routines, and these vary from branded manufactured skin care products to home remedies that contain helpful ingredients for the skin.

Several types of public skin care services are also available, and many customers use various kinds of skin care services at salons and beauty clinics. Home skin care refers to those routines and activities that you can do at your home ease during lockdown times due to the spread of Coronavirus when almost every other way to help your skin is temporarily closed and not accessible.

The first important thing to identify a skin care routine that is suitable for your skin is to know your skin type. As you might know, there are several types of skins and each ingredient, recipe, and remedy has useful benefits for certain types of skins.

Thus, you should find out what type of skin you have:

–       Dry skin

–       Oily skin

–       Combination skin

–       Sensitive skin

–       Normal skin

Each type of above-mentioned skins has different properties according to which people and professionals can prescribe treatments and remedies. Thus, to build a suitable home skin care you should first understand what your skin type is.

The best way to identify your skin type is to visit a professional skin care doctor, but you can also use in-home solutions and tests to identify your skin type.

Home skin care

Home skin care routine steps

Skin care routines need patient and privacy. People often try them twice a day:

–       Morning

–       Night

Women who use daily cosmetic products should use these skin care products to recover their skin from possible damages by those products. In many other cases, such as long time exposures to sunlight or wind, people should use skin care products to avoid damages that could threaten their skin health.

However, the four basic steps of any home skin care are the following:

–       Cleansing

–       Serums

–       Moisturizers

–       Sunscreens

These steps, as you can see, are designed to target various purposes. For example, moisturizers are a required step even for the oiliest skins, although in a different form than those are used for dry skins.


Chemical ingredients that are used in certain cosmetic and beauty products, various types of environmental pollutions, exposure to the open air, all of these make it necessary to use the cleansing product in your skin care routine, especially at night. The main purpose of cleansers is to wash your face skin effectively, and you can use both manufactured products and home skin care recipes to cleanse your face. As we mentioned earlier, different types of ingredients offer different types of benefits that work not the same on various skin types. Thus, you should select a suitable cleanser according to your skin type to boost your skin health.

Several types of homemade recipes are introduced for home skin care and you can use these recipes to produce homemade cleanser that is natural, organic, and will work on your skin. (https://www.thehealthy.com/beauty/face-body-care/natural-face-cleansers/)

Home skin care cleansers

–       Coconut oil:

This oil is a natural source of healthy fats. It is a great moisturizer, but it is also a perfect cleanser especially for dry skins.

–       Apple Cider Vinegar:

This ingredient is one of the most important ingredients in traditional medical treatments and offers many benefits to the skin. It could be used especially on oily skins. Apple cider vinegar is a strong ingredient that should not be used in pure form on your skin. Thus, before applying it to your face you should dilute it with water or other ingredients.

–       Honey and Lemon:

these are also used traditionally as a homemade cleanser. Honey offers many benefits to the health of the skin. It contains natural antibacterials and is full of antioxidants. Its combination with lemon is also antimicrobial, make it a very effective cleanser against environmental pollutions.

–       Yogurt:

Another home ingredient and edible that is also great for skin health is yogurt. This healthy ingredient offers some anti-aging properties when it is applied to the skin. It contains lactic acid that helps removes dead skin cells. It also contains a protein that helps to tighten pores of the skin and reduce fine lines and hydrate the skin.

–       Olive oil:

This healthy oil is another ingredient that is traditionally used as a face cleanser. It helps to remove free radicals from your skin. It is one of the healthiest ingredients that are used in many home skin care recipes.

–       Grape:

this fruit contains beneficial nutrients for the skin, such as vitamin C and certain helpful proteins.

–       Avocado oil:

This fruit is a natural source of many healthy fats and could be used as a perfect cleanser and moisturizer, especially for dry skins.

-       Avocado oil:


One of the most popular skin care products is the serum that is a useful treatment for various types of skin problems. You can use serums for certain problems like aging fines, or simply to boost your skin health and improve its function. Face serums are almost expensive skin care products, but because they are used in a low daily amount, they last a long time, which makes them affordable. However, you can also find a suitable homemade recipe that will work for you and is consistent with your face.

Several recipes for face serums are available that contain different amounts of essential oils including a higher amount of carrier oils. It should be noted that each type of essential oil is suitable for certain skin types. In the following, we will introduce three different recipes for various skin types.Routine At Home Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Home skin care serum for oily skin

This skin type produces a natural oil. Thus, it is recommended to use essential oils and carrier oils that will help to regulate natural oil in your skin.

Two types of carrier oils that are suitable for oily skins include:

–       Jojoba Oil

–       Grapeseed Oil

Both of these oils help the skin to reduce oil production and gain a good balance. However, as we mentioned earlier, face serums could be produced by a combination of carrier oils with essential oils.

The most suitable essential oils for oily skins include:

–       Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

–       Patchouli Essential Oil

–       Lavender Essential Oil

Several types of recipes could be produced using these essential and carrier oils that will help people with oily skin type to have healthy skin with regular oil production.

Home skin care serum for dry skin

Dry skin type produces less oil than the normally required amount. This skin type also needs carrier oil that regulates the production of natural oils in the skin. Jojoba oil is an oil that is known for its regulation of oil production and could be used also for this type of skin.

However, the carrier oils that could be used for this skin type include:

–       Jojoba Oil

–       Argan Oil

These carrier oils are useful especially for dry skins. To produce a home skin care serum for the dry skin type, you can add the following essential oils to these carrier oils:

–       Palmarosa Essential Oil

–       Chamomile Essential Oil

–       Lavender Essential Oil

These ingredients help people with oily skin have regular oil production at their skin and achieve normal moisture. It should be noted that these essential oils are strong ingredients that should be used in small amounts. When you use these oils as a skin serum, you should use 1 tsp carrier oil including 2 to 4 drops of essential oils. It is also recommended to put these serums for 30 seconds to 2 minutes because they can damage if remain for a long time.

skin care serum

Home skin care serum for normal skin

Normal skin type produces a normal amount of fats and oils, but this does not mean it does not need a skin serum. As we mentioned earlier, serums are great treatments for the skin and all skin types can use their benefits. However, home skin care serums could be made easily by adding essential oils to carrier oils. One of the best carrier oils that perfectly works on every skin type is Jojoba oil. This effective ingredient helps all types of skins with the regulation of oil production and could be used as a great carrier oil in treatment serums.

The following oils could be used as a carrier in homemade skin serums:

–       Jojoba Oil

–       Rosehip Oil

The following essential oils are suitable for normal skins:

–       Rose Geranium Essential Oil

–       Lavender Essential Oil

–       Frankincense Essential Oil



Moisturizers are another type of skin care product that helps the skin to keep a normal amount of moisture. Using these products will help you to have good looking skin even if you work or live in a bad environment in which your skin loses its moisture.Routine At Home Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Moisturizers are protective of home skin care products that are important for every effective skin care routine. Various types of homemade recipes are available for moisturizers. Many people think moisturizers are only for dry skins, which is wrong. Moisturizer is an important part of any effective skin routine and that’s true for all skin types.

You can use homemade moisturizers with the following ingredients:

–       Shea butter

–       Argan Oil

–       Beeswax

–       Essential oils

–       Aloe Vera gel

–       Honey

–       Glycerin

–       Almond Oil

Using these ingredients you can produce several types of homemade and home skin care moisturizer.



Last Words

Skin care routines provide a way to decrease and reduce the environmental damages that our skin will receive in daily life and by exposure to various situations. Home skin care includes all types of activities that are done at home to treat the skin.Routine At Home Skin Care Tips and Tricks

As we discussed in this article, various types of skin care steps and products are available, from cleansers and moisturizers to serums, masks, and sunscreen. We introduced three main types of skin care products in this article: cleansers, serums, and moisturizers. We didn’t cover sunscreen products because they deal with protecting the skin in outdoor places.

Home skin care products include a large variety of recipes that could be used to deliver useful ingredients to the skin. These are natural and organic ingredients that you combine to use their benefits on your skin.

While many manufactured products are available, it is hard to believe they lack chemical compounds that could be harmful to your skin. Thus, using these homemade recipes will help you to know exactly what ingredients are on your face and for what reason. You can also use many online recipes to make homemade skin care products at your home with simple edible ingredients.