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Top 10 Skincare kits reviewed by dermatologists in 2022


Mahlagha Homayouni


November 7, 2020



Skincare subscription box is a professional curated skincare item package for customers, and they receive it in a mail package. Skincare boxes are designed to help those customers who don’t have enough time to research or to purchase skincare items from stores, so by ordering them they can find and use trending skincare items without the need to go outside.

What is special about them is not their nature as E-Commerce procedures, but is that they are tailored and curated for a certain taste of the customer.

There are many skincare subscription boxes that are available to subscribe right now. They promote additional value on top of the actual price of the items contained in the box. So by joining them, you can receive monthly new skincare products delivered to your door with prices cheaper than the market prices.

In the following article, we will introduce the pros and cons of skincare subscription boxes.

Skincare Set Brand Kit Benefit Price/Usage Review
MAHIMO Rejuvenate and Replenish $1.8 5
CLINIQUE More than Moisture $3 5
GLOW RECIPE Brighten Up & Glow $2.1 5
Kiehl’s Brighten Up & Glow $2.16 5
Dermalogica Deeply nourishing $4 5
Glossier Mini skincare essentials  $2 4
STURM Glow essentials $6.9
LAMER Energize and Replenish $3.25 2.3
ESTEE LAUDER  Repair. Firm. Hydrate $2.6 5
  • Glossier skincare routine
  • Glossier skincare routine
  • Glossier skincare routine

Glossier ,The Skincare Edit

A full Glossier skincare routine, in irresistible miniature sizes.

These little skincare wonders are perfect for your purse, gym bag, or travel kit. With bestselling items in a handy size, The Skincare Edit is the perfect way to take your favorite products on the go. Plus, the pink headband is the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while you’re working out or running errands.


Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with The Skincare Edit. This daily skincare routine is perfect for all skin types, providing fresh, moisturized, and dewy skin. It includes our iconic Milky Jelly Cleanser, ultra-hydrating Super Bounce serum, deeply comforting Priming Moisturizer Rich, soothing Balm Dotcom (in Original and Rose), light-reflecting Futuredew oil-serum hybrid, plus a pink headband printed with our signature.


I really love this set! It was the first thing I ever purchased from Glossier and I have to say I am really impressed. Even though all the products are miniatures, they’re all such a great size and I really feel like I’m getting my moneys worth! My favourite products are the Balm Dot Coms and the Futuredew; the rose Balm Dot Com is my absolute favourite! It tastes just like Turkish Delight and it leaves my lips feeling so supple for hours. I also use the original Balm Dot Com for some spots of eczema on my hands, and it’s actually really helped! The Futuredew is odd as it’s a little sticky on application

If you are like me, anything miniature makes me all kinds of happy. Please
make the miniature lip balms permanent. I’d love to see all of the flavors in
miniature form!!! Like if you agree so GlossierTeam can see :)

What is Skin Care Subscription Box

A skin care subscription box is a package of skin care products that customers receive by mail regularly. The products are not the only source of value with these services. There are also other reasons that subscription boxes appeal to customers.

A recent study about subscription boxes shows that there are three major reasons for their popularity:

Surprise and excitement:

this element is something that makes these boxes interesting for many customers.


customers receive a box full of products tailored toward their tastes. They are confident that skin care subscription boxes bring them the most suitable products for their skin.


with skin care subscription boxes, customers do not need to waste their time in stores and shops, and can use the most suitable products that are delivered to their door.

With these three advantages of subscription boxes, this market has great growth in recent years. Birchbox is the first company that made beauty and skin care subscription boxes, which started its work since 2011. Now many other companies are working in this business and bring various skin care products to customers across the world.

This new business model somehow expanded to other companies. Now bigger companies and brands like Sephora are in this market and bring their products to their customers’ doors. So this market now is a wide market with more than 3500 subscription boxes exist in the U. S. alone.

That means this industry is booming and there are many companies in this industry seeking new ways of business.

Care Subscription Box

Pros and cons of skin care subscription box

There are many benefits to sign up for skin care subscription boxes, from convenience and cheaper prices to curation and variety.

Some of the most important benefits or pros of these subscription boxes are as the following:

– Convenience
– Cheaper than buying individual skin care products
– Additional value
– Curation
– Variety
– Fun and Excitement
– An ideal gift to promote relationships
– Discover new brands
– Bags

1: Convenience

When you don’t use any skin care subscription box, you need to go to the market and find suitable skin care products in shops, a procedure that consumes your time and money. But after all these activities you might not find a suitable product, and it does not work for you.

This problem is not a rare one, and many skin care products are not as good as they seem at first.

Providers of skin care subscription boxes deliver the packages right to your door. What is great about them is that these boxes will arrive at a set date, so you will know when the delivery person would be at your door.

So you don’t have to pay on commute or gas to buy skin care products, but what you need to do is just waiting for your box in the comfort of your home.

What is more interesting about skin care subscription boxes is that their suppliers determine the contents of their packages before shipping.

So you don’t need to waste your time in the market to find suitable products for your skin. They consider the particular needs of your skin and cater to the most suitable products for it in the box.

Hence without the need to consume time in the market, you can have access to the most suitable and proper skin care products for your skin by these boxes.


2: Cheaper than buying individual skin care products

When you subscribe to a skin care subscription box, you will pay cheaper prices for the products. These boxes providers promote excellent user experiences, so their selection of products comes with an equal or higher value than buying the same items individually.

These products are enough for your daily skin care routine for one month.

It should be noted that the products in these boxes are not exactly those products you see on the shelves of physical stores. One of the most important factors in pricing skin care products is their quantity.

The skin care products you will receive may be in smaller containers. Many people think these products are samples of the physical store’s products, but it should these products are just enough for one month and, since you will receive a new box next month, you don’t need a large number of products.

Even if you want to sample products first before buying the larger containers, you can try them by subscribing to a skin care subscription box. By subscribing to a box, you can use and test your desired products with notable cheaper prices than their prices in the physical stores.

That’s one of the great features of these boxes you can not find elsewhere.

3: Additional Value

One of the most important factors in making skin care subscription boxes is to offer additional value to consumers. Skin care subscription boxes have items containing higher prices in comparison with the total cost of their fee.

Some providers also may let subscribers choose additional items in their package. Especially if you subscribe to an expensive subscription box, they may offer you additional items. These extra items would be your gift of using these services.

So when you subscribe to a skin care subscription box, you will receive more items than you can buy in the market with the same money. This additional value will be offered in various forms, as a gift or as an extra item in your box, or even in discounted prices.

The other additional value you might enjoy by subscribing to these boxes is that you can find expensive products with far cheaper prices and that is because box providers prefer to make available their items for regular consumers.

There are also other ways to offer additional value to customers. For example, Sephora Play is a skin care subscription box service; each box you receive from them comes with a shopping cart with 50 points that you can use to give a discount in your next purchase at Sephora.

This makes you feel like you are getting your money worth, which is a good feeling that you can not find it after any purchase.


4: Curation

One of the most important pros or benefits of subscribing to skin care subscription boxes is that you don’t receive random products, but the provider offers a curation feature in a shape or form. You can check these providers’ information on their websites to see they use descriptions like “hand-selected” or “handpicked” on them.

When you receive a curated package you will have suitable products that are good for your skin type and feature. This is very different from receiving random products or buying unfamiliar products in the market. Many providers require their customers to fill out a beauty and skin care profile during the creation of a customer’s account.

By this information, they will be notified about the particular needs of their customers and in packing their boxes, they use this information to find the most suitable products for them. For instance, if you indicate that you have dry skin, then the box supplier may handpick items to enhance the beauty and moisture of your skin.

5: Variety

Each skin care subscription box provider offers different products in their package. They also change the products in the boxes each month. For example, you may receive a night cream, sunscreen, and cleanser for this month, and next month you may receive a moisturizer, hydrating serum, and day cream.

This feature will increase your excitement and surprise when you receive new boxes.

One more thing that adds to their variety is that these providers may put full-sized products in your box instead of sample ones. Hence, you will get more value for the price you paid for the box. These features will increase product variety in skin care subscription boxes, which is an amazing feature.

They also might change the products put in customer boxes each month, which surprises them and make them feel better.

6: Fun and Excitement

Many people will be excited by the idea of opening a package filled with random skin care products. People used to think of receiving such packages in their birthday or special events, so by receiving these boxes they will be very excited.

This feeling also reminds us of Christmas morning gifts that are ready for us to wake up and pick and open them.

Other people like to have an idea about what they receive in their box. They can simply check the skin care subscription box providers’ website to gain an idea about their boxes’ contents. Because these boxes are designed to gather loyal costumers, the providers always seek new ways to increase public attention toward their products.

So you can find many forums and websites in which you can find out which items might put in your skin care box.

It is also a great feeling when you receive a carefully handpicked package of skin products that are useful for your skin type.

This brings you a feeling of importance and excitement that will make your day. And by using the products in your skin care routine, you can find their benefits on your skin.

: Fun and Excitement

7: An ideal gift to promote relationships

Did you know that you don’t have to subscribe to a monthly skin care subscription box for yourself? You can offer these package for your beloved ones or friends who may need the skin care package more than you. By doing this, you make these relatives very surprised and happy.

This will improve your friendship and they would be happy every time they receive a new box. These subscription boxes are designed to bring the best possible products to regular consumers, so by subscribing someone to them, you can take their advantages to a new level and share them with your loved ones.

8: Discover new brands

One of the most exciting features of these skin care subscription boxes is that they contain various brands’ products. They contain both indie brands’ products and commercial brands products. This is something that could not happen easily when you try to buy these items from the market. You don’t try unfamiliar brands because you don’t want to test something unknown on your skin.

But skin care box providers put helpful and effective products from indie brands in their boxes with professional considerations.

When you subscribe to a skin care box, you will trust the provider. This will be rewarded with the best possible options for your skin, which are carefully handpicked by skin care professionals who know about chemicals and ingredients used in these products.

By doing this, you will find new brands with effective products that you might never become familiar with if you don’t use these boxes. This helps you to become more familiar with various effective ingredients for your skin and to know which brands offer suitable products for your skin care routine.

Discover new brands

9: Bags

Depending on what subscription service you subscribe to, you will receive your products in a bag or box. These packings are always funny and stylish. You can keep these bags and find other uses for them.

These are great for storage and also for travel. You can use these bags to organize your skin care and beauty products in your drawers.

As we mentioned before, these boxes are designed to make you happy when you receive them. Their package is an important part of this. It is very nice to find some long-lasting use of what you receive.

Cons of skin care subscription box

As you know, any product has a series of pros and cons that should be weighted when one tries to assess its usability. This is also true about skin care subscription boxes; they have many benefits and pros, but there are also some cons about using them. In the following, we will introduce some of these cons. You should consider carefully seeing whether these negative aspects affect their benefits or not.

Some of the most important cons of these skin care boxes are as the following:

Hits and misses
Previously used products

1: Hits and Misses

Receiving many products in a package can cause two possible conditions. In first, you will receive good products that you think of them as hits; great options which help your skin a lot.

In the second condition, you will receive not bad, but normal products that are not very great for your skin and you think them as misses. Which condition would be true for your next skin care box? It is almost a matter of chance!

One of the most important cons about skin care subscription boxes is that you can not be sure that you will receive a box of hits or a box of misses. There are various products in any box and after receiving one box you can not determine which products are put in the next box.

If you are a skin care enthusiast who knows about various skin care products and ingredients, you can find these boxes unpleasant and filled with ordinary products.

But it should be noted that in most cases there are more hits in these boxes than misses. As we mentioned earlier, additional value is something central in designing these skin care boxes.

2: Previously Used Products

Another con you might confront in these boxes is that you might receive a box containing samples of products that you already used. When this happens, all that we said about the surprise and excitement feature in these boxes, becomes something really disturbing and annoying.

The problem is that skin care box providers don’t know about your previous purchases, they just try their best to bring the most suitable products to you. So you can not make sure that when you receive a new skin care box, it contains new products or just a sample of a previously used product.

So if you want to be sure that you receive new products each month, skin care subscription box is not a good option for you. These boxes are designed to deliver the most suitable skin care products to your door, and some of your previously used products might be in them. However, depending on what subscription box service you subscribe to, you might have the option to take out some products from your boxes.

As a general rule, what makes these boxes exciting is that the customer does not know which products are in the box. But when the customer finds out a previously used product is in the box, this excitement turns to annoying.

Last Words

A skincare subscription box is a new business model in which a customer pays a monthly fee to receive various skincare products monthly. This business is a growing business with many new brands and companies trying to get a market share in it.

These boxes have some pros and cons which we tried to introduce in this article. There are many benefits to subscribing to these subscription systems, and we introduced nine pros of them. These pros vary from convenience and excitement to physical features like their bag or box.

We also tried to show some negative aspects of these boxes. To be honest, there are little complaints about their negative aspects and most of the customers just feel happy and appreciated by receiving these boxes.

However, some of the pros of these boxes might be regarded as cons in some cases. For example, when you already have a skincare product on your shelve; you will not be excited by seeing its sample in your skincare subscription box. But when you use these boxes, you can be sure that each month you will receive handpicked skincare products which are the most suitable products for your daily skincare routine.