The most common side effects associated with minoxidil are local skin irritation. Systemic side effects are rare as less than 2% of it gets absorbed.

Like most medications, finasteride is not safe for everyone. In clinical trials, less than 2% of men experienced sexual dysfunction due to finasteride. In addition, finasteride can lower serum prostate-specific antigen and may increase the risk of high-grade prostate cancers. If you decide to seek care through Roman, your Roman-affiliated physician will be available to answer your questions about side effects. Finasteride is not approved for use in women, and pregnant women should not handle finasteride. To learn more about the risks associated with the use of finasteride, please see important safety information.

Just as no drug works on everyone, no drug is 100% safe, and finasteride is no exception. Becoming familiar with the possible side effects will help you identify if you are one of the men who experience them. If you do, you should stop immediately and inform your doctor.