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Beauty trends on mens’ and womens’ in 2021


Mahlagha Homayouni


January 26, 2021



Beauty trends are changing day by day and many people like to do their daily makeup with these trends. Usually in each year, the style and type of makeup are determined according to different criteria in the fashion world.

The trend actually means having a tendency and accompanying the styles and models that are announced by fashion authorities and become popular among people who are interested in fashion. In this article, you can get acquainted with the latest trends in makeup models in 2021.

A number of factors, including the beauty of an actor or actress, the success of a television program, and environmental and cultural issues have affected beauty trends in 2021. In the following, we will discuss some of the beauty trends of 2021


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The origin of beauty trends of 2021

Thanks to the Queen’s Gambit series and its lead actress’s copper red hair color, this astonishing color is now one of the most popular hair colors of 2021. Although copper red hair color combines well with all skin tones, it is especially suitable for people with fair skin. Also, this hair color of 2021 with a variety of blonde highlights, creates a beautiful and attractive combination to shine in the society you are in. You can apply this color on your hair with or without dechlorination, but without a doubt, copper hair color is one of the best options for the second half of the year.

Blonde balayage; attractive to the eyes

This type of hair color for 2021, in addition to being beautiful and enchanting, is easy to maintain and care for, and creates a minimal combination of dechlorinated and non-dechlorinated parts. So, if your hair color is dark and you want to make a significant change in it, perhaps one of the best choices for you is blonde balayage (do not mess it with Blonde foliage). The beautiful and unique combination of highlights with the dark color of your hair can create a wonderful harmony.

Fancy pastel hair color

2020 was a year of experimenting with different hair colors. Just look at the photos of many actors and celebrities in the world to better understand this issue. Of course, this was enough to keep selling more hair colors like pink, blue, or orange on the market for a long time. In the colorful world of colors, balayage is not just a hair color, but a kind of hair highlighting technique, first used in the nineties. If you highlight your hair with this type of color, you implement a very beautiful combination of color and shining.

Monochrome makeup; suitable for 2021

One of the first makeup trends for the winter of 2021 is to use only a special color for makeup. In this type of makeup, the color used for eye shadow, blush, and lips is almost the same. To take less risk in this makeup, you can use a few pale pink shades for your cheeks, lips, and eyes, and with this method, create a special and attractive makeup for yourself.

Covid-friendly beauty trends

The outbreak of coronavirus has forced almost everyone to quarantine at home to reduce the risk of Covid-19. Although these conditions may seem somewhat boring, but avoiding air pollution, stress, traffic, fast food consumption in the workplace, etc. has created a good opportunity for skin and beauty care.

The beauty and freshness of the skin are primarily related to the internal health of the body. Fortunately, these days due to the covid-19 you can cook a variety of healthy foods at home and avoid the dangers of ready-to-eat meals and canned foods rich in salt and oil. Proper nutrition improves the function of the digestive system and rejuvenates the skin due.

In this pandemic era, you can give yourself beauty and glamour with a few simple tricks.

Using gems for your mask and face is the beauty trends

If you are tired of the usual makeup of your eyes, this year you can add an attractive variety to your makeup. By using the small gems in the corners of the eyes or attaching the gems to the side of the cheek and under your eyebrows, you can give a special charm to your face. The use of jewels on the face is more fashionable this year than ever. At first glance, it may seem that applying this trend is not very practical. But you can experience a special and unique make-up by adding a few simple jewels next to or under your eyebrows. Your covid mask covers your lips and mouth? Do not panic, put gems on the other part of your face!

Makeup minus makeup cream

One of the most important beauty trends of 2021 is a natural skin and not using makeup cream. This is very attractive for people who care about the freshness of their skin. From 2021, you no longer need to use powder every day, because natural skin is one of the most important trends of the year. Your facial skin starts to sweat when using anti covid masks? So, do not apply powder to avoid this. As simple as that!

Cycling style

We all love using different designs and we do not get tired of changing the style of our clothes. In the style of cycling, you tend a little towards being sporty, in which most of the

clothes are made of leather. Loose-fitting shorts, zippered pants and ankle boots are some of the bike themes.

Fall and winter clothes from well-known fashion brands such as Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton have gone to great variety this year and are inspired by the style of clothing worn by motocross champions.

And since our lives have been reconciled to cycling because of the corona, this trend becomes very popular among young people.

Chain-shaped necklaces

To make your spring style more beautiful in 2021, you can use chain necklaces and hoop earrings (both together), which are much preferred this year. If the mask covers your mouth and lips, you can add to the beauty of your face and body by wearing such jewelry.

Beauty trends and tricks know no boundaries

Jorge Roriz, 65, is a Brazilian artist who has used his art in various carnivals in recent years, but in these corona-stricken days, he is using his art to create masks that look as much as possible to people.

“I use these masks so I don’t lose my identity,” says Roriz.

The artist uses white masks to paint the lower part of different people’s faces and spends a lot of time creating facial details such as skin lines or lips.

Get creative in 2021, maybe the things you think are beautiful will be interesting to others. Do not be afraid and share them on social media.

Beauty trends ; drink coffee and scrub it

Drinking coffee is very useful for body health; coping with stress, increasing the strength of the mind, as well as heart health. In addition to these benefits, the use of coffee is very practical for the health and freshness of the skin and you can use it for skincare and beauty.

Drinking coffee became much more popular in corona-stricken 2020 and 2021, drink your coffee first and rub your coffee grounds with a little yogurt on your skin.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants that help your skin look younger. Caffeine can also remove excess fat from the skin and make it smoother and softer.

Research has shown that coffee can reduce non-melanoma skin cancers to some extent, and it is very effective in preventing facial wrinkles and prevents the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure.

Neon eyes

The use of neon colors is common in summer makeup. But 2020 has broken the tradition and almost all the young girls around the world have worn neon colors. Using neon colors in makeup can show your artistic and special spirit.

Beauty trends ; be a Parisian lady

Parisian women are one of the main followers of the fashion world and are known for their cat-eye makeup and red lipstick. In this makeup, the focus is more on the eyes and lips, and less attention is paid to the foundation of the face and the makeup of the cheeks. All you have to do is apply red lipstick and apply eyebrow mascara. So even if you are not interested in following the beauty trends in 2021, it is better to have a red lipstick in your makeup bag and see how astonishing you become and how using only this lipstick will affect your appearance.

Eyebrow slit

Until now, this may have been limited to a certain group of teenagers and certain personalities, but for 2021, creating cuts in eyebrows is one of the trends of the year, and many people will probably follow this surprising fashion. One of the most interesting things about this trend is that both men and women will follow it.

Add some glitters

Good news for those who love glitters. The glitter once again attracted the attention of fashion designers, including Tommy Hilfiger. If you do not want to shine with jewelry, replace this makeup method.

Make your eyes look bigger than ever

These days, the turning point of makeup is usually eye makeup. If your eyelashes are straight or downward, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. But if you have eyelashes facing up, just rub the mascara brush back and forth to the root of the lashes, and slightly curl it. This separates the lashes so that the mascara becomes even. For lower lashes, first, remove the excess mascara from the mascara brush, and then apply the mascara to the lower lashes with the tip of a very low brush.

Eye beauty will play a key role in 2021. Since half of the face is covered by the mask, the eyes will be very visible at first glance. If you want to look beautiful in 2021, try to pay more attention to the beauty of your eyes.

Want to look beautiful? Wear loose clothes

In 2021, to maintain the health of the skin, cotton and loose clothing should be used so that the skin of the body is not exposed to sweat, moisture, and virus.

Nylon clothes eliminate the possibility of air exchange under clothing, which leads to the formation of a suitable environment for the growth of fungi and microbes.

It is recommended that obese and sick people be more careful in choosing their clothes to be less prone to fungal infections, skin diseases, and covid-19.

Beauty trends and Covid-19

Despite the spread of the new coronavirus, it has often been recommended that people maintain good personal and social health, especially in crowded places such as hairdressers; Therefore, hairdressers and people who go to hairdressers must pay attention to a number of hygienic points.

In the first place, hairdressers should pay attention to a number of health issues to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. They should follow personal hygiene tips more than others, disinfect the client as soon as he or she arrives, do not allow the barbershop to be too crowded, have proper ventilation in their barbershop, and disinfect tools and surfaces regularly.

Of course, people who go to the hairdresser as a customer must follow some tips to protect themselves against diseases such as Covid-19. People should avoid procedures such as nail implants and tattoos until the corona is completely eradicated and avoid going to crowded beauty salons.

They must also remind their hairdresser to wash and disinfect his hands while working. People should wash their hands and face after finishing their work in the hairdressing salon, and after returning home, change their clothes and take a shower if possible.

Last words

2021, similar to 2020, the fashion industry will face crises that will change its path due to the coronavirus. The use of jewelry in different parts and dyeing hair in strange, attractive, and happy colors is another feature of the 2021 trends.

Before using cosmetics too much, note that due to the outbreak of Coronavirus this year, you should be very careful about the health and hygiene of your skin.


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